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Flight durations?


Depends on weather conditions, we aim to fly 10-15 mins per flight – sometimes it’s more – sometimes it’s less! We find that this is an ideal duration, particularly for a first flight and most passengers are so bombarded by sensations that time becomes irrelevant!

I suffer from vertigo, is it for me?


Surprisingly, even people who feel the need to hold on tightly in the gondola feel comfortable once in the air! Like looking out if the window of an airplane, one feels quite removed from the void below.

Is it scary?

Passengers usually feel quite apprehensive at the launch area and then surprised at just how easy it was to launch once airborne. The launch is a gentle run down a slight slope – not at all a plunge off a cliff! In flight, we really feel supported by the wing and comfortably seated in the harness. We can make the flight smooth and relaxing or liven it up with some aerobatics depending upon the passenger's desires. The pilot and passenger can converse easily during the flight allowing the pilot to reassure and keep informed, nervous passengers.

Age limits?

No limits! Children as young as four years frequently fly but we will only accept such young children if we can see that they really do want to fly. The current age record for tandem paragliding is held by a spritely 104-year-old French lady!

Weight limits?


Generally, 90kg is our limit, though it depends on a little on how the weight is distributed! We can usually make special arrangements for sporty passengers up to 110kg. Please consult us.

What to wear (summer)?


Long trousers & long sleeved top, sunglasses, camera, walking boots or grippy training shoes. As we need to run across the slightly uneven ground.

If the weather is adverse?


We will contact you by text message to tell you if it is not possible to fly because of bad weather. In this event, the flight will be postponed or canceled & you will be refunded immediately if you cannot postpone. If you do not receive any text message please go to the prearranged meeting point at the planned time – we will be there.

Flying at the same time as friends?


With a little prior notice we can arrange for numerous tandem pilot so that you may fly at the same time as your friends, it’s usually possible to fly in close formation allowing for great close up in flight photos. Conversely, two friends flying separately allows one passenger to film the other take off and first part of the flight and then for the first passenger to film the second person's flight & landing.

Tandem pilot Qualifications?

All our pilot are International qualified. They speak English and look forward to sharing a special moment sharing their passion of paragliding with you. All understand your stress of making the first flight and will do their best to put you at ease and to prepare you for an experience that will bring a smile to your face for many days ahead.

When do I pay?

You trust us to look after you in the skies, we will trust you to respect your reservation! You should be ready to pay before the flight. As the pilot may have other flights after yours he will not be able to accompany you to an ATM so please come prepared with adequate funds.

When should I book?

Please reserve your flight at least one day in advance.

What time should I fly?


Please be at the bottom of the hill 30 minutes before your booking.



Currently, none but will be provided in the near future.

Meeting points?

Generally, the meeting point is at the foot of the hill.

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